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My name is Sensei Craig Pauley



Call for Information 

Dojo- (336) 661-8910 

Home- 336-375-4859


I have 12 years of Training and Competition experience in Ju-Jitsu, with 8 years of Teaching experience,


I have opened up

  Pauley's Ju-Jitsu Academy, Martial Arts School  

In which I have Dedicated Life to the art of Ju-Jitsu. 

I am inviting you to come check out the school.

I have set up this school to fit everyone’s needs,  YOUNG and OLD alike, 

with prices that fit the tightest budgets.  There are a lot of Kids and Adults 

that are full of abilities that they haven’t even tapped into yet. 

  I’m here to help you bring these out and improve on the ones you have, 

while you will be learning one of the best Martial Arts around 



Pauley’s Ju-Jitsu Academy

Offering Classes in


  1. PAULEY'S Ju-Jitsu (all ages) (all abilities)

  2. Kickboxing  (all ages) (all abilities)  

  3. Cardio Kickboxing - 4 times a week using water filled bags

  4. Women’s self-defense classes and Seminars


How would you like to improve?

Self Discipline          Self Confidence         SELF CONTROL

   Self Respect             Self Defense

Coordination           Physical Fitness            Flexibility

  Mental Alertness           Concentration

I have the program for you!

The Location of:

  Pauley's Ju-Jitsu Academy

4411 N. Cherry St.
Winston Salem NC.


Ju-Jitsu      Kickboxing    Weightlifting

For an all around workout! That fits everyone’s needs.


Call for Information 

Dojo- (336) 661-8910 

Home- 336-375-4859

 Gym- (336) 744-9290