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Hey! Kids!

Just call me SENSEI PAULEY

Iím going to help you Have fun while you Learn Ju-Jitsu.  

Pictures of the Kids at bottom of page!

  Here are some things you will learn in class.


  Rolls and Falls

Left side and right side, this is for if you  fall or someone pushes you, you can just roll and get up without being hurt.



This is a part of taking care of yourself. You will learn how to use both hands.



Works right with your punches, there are a lot of different kicks you will have fun learning.



Just starting out you will have 3 [three] throws that you will learn.



In school they call this wrestling. You will learn a lot, the way we have drills and play grappling games to help you get good and have fun while you learn.


You will put on your safety equipment and You will learn how to control yourself against another class mate so you can become very good at Ju-Jitsu.


Dojo Rules

1.             We have fun in our training but there is no clowning around in class. This helps to keep class safe for everyone.

2.             When Sensei Pauley or anyone teaching class is speaking, Everyone in class must pay attention. This is so when a move we are going practice there will be no interruptions so everyone can understand what is being said. 

3.             Bow before you go on mat, and to the person you are working out with. This will show you what itís like to give Respect and Receive Respect.