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Pauley’s Ju-Jitsu Academy

Men and Women’s Self-Defense  Classes


While no one can predict when an attack will happen, I have designed this program with easy to learn with very effective ways (no matter your size or strength level) to stop an attacker and disable them long enough for you to escape the situation, or if the situation calls for it to control or hurt an attacker in ways he can not finish his attack. 

        I pray that no one is ever put in a position of being attacked or assaulted or raped, but unfortunately it happens every day. These quick self-defense techniques will give you your own weapons against an attack while reducing your chance of becoming injured. Remember a attacker thinks he is in control! You have surprise on your side. This just takes a little time on your part to know and believe in your self to not let this happen. Don't just be a statistics at the police station stand up and do something about it now be prepared.

To learn more in depth self-defense techniques, ask about the regular                  Ju-Jitsu Classes.  


Pauley’s  Ju-Jitsu  Academy

Men’s and Women’s Self-Defense Seminars


Location Inside:      Power House Gym                                                                                                                                                         


Instructor:            Sensei Craig Pauley

Home Phone:          336-887-5266

Dojo                          336-661-8910

Seminar is Three (3) Hours

Learn fast and very effective ways of defending yourself.

Rate: Per Seminar:    $50.00 Per Person

Group Rate:               $35.00 Per Person with 5 People

                                    $25.00 Per Person with 10 People


Any Individual who would like additional classes will receive 

$5.00 off each additional seminar.


Also look into the: Pauley Ju-Jitsu Classes and Cardio Kickboxing.

Check on class fee's for Prices on all other Activities, or call the school (Dojo).

If you sign up for Pauley Ju-Jitsu, Cardio Kickboxing is free.


Cardio Kickboxing Classes

         This is a fast paced, energetic workout set to motivating music.  All areas of the body are targeted for toning and strengthening, as well as raising the heart rate.  My goal is to bring out the best in everyone who attends these classes.  Anyone at any level of conditioning can join in.  The classes are adaptable so that people with little conditioning can participate at their own pace. In your work out you will be throwing punches and kicks at water filled bags and set movements into the air. While in class I will see that you are throwing your punches and kicks the right way to get the most out of your work out. These classes are put together so you can enjoy your work out. If you want to hoop and holler in class, do so. This will help motivate yourself and the others working out. Come to this class and be yourself. This is the way you will get the best work out you can get. 


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These classes also offer much to the training Ju-Jitsu student.  Benefits like endurance, strength and speed greatly compliment techniques being learned in class.  These classes are fun, energetic and exciting.  Stop by and try a free cardio kickboxing class.